Confluence Recording Company

Our name, "Confluence," draws inspiration from both geography, particularly the Sandy and Columbia Rivers, and the intersection of technology in the realms of sound, visuals, and touch. At Confluence, we embrace a diverse range of abilities, catering to individuals across the spectrum, including those who are hearing-able, Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, Blind, Autistic, and more.

In a pioneering move, Confluence stands as one of the world's first recording studios founded by a Deaf Music Producer. We take pride in pushing boundaries, creating an environment where innovation thrives, and where sound is not just heard but felt on a profound level.

Confluence artists are fellows of the Oregon Creative Foundation Creative heights Award, sponsored by CymaSpace


Meet Nate Hergert, the Deaf DJ and Music Producer pushing boundaries, and Shawn Trail, PhD, the Percussionist, Audio Engineer, and Computer Scientist redefining the music landscape. Together, they lead Confluence, where passion meets innovation.

Universal Music Design

Welcome to Universal Music Design (UMD), where our mission is clear: to enhance the accessibility of dance and music for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. We achieve this by employing cutting-edge Universal Design principles and haptic vibration technology. Picture a dance floor and bodysuits meticulously designed to transcend the auditory experience, translating music into a palpable, physical sensation.

Research Team: Harmonizing Innovation in Music Accessibility

Embark on a journey with the Confluence research team, a collective of passionate individuals committed to reshaping the landscape of music accessibility:

Latest announcements: Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Confluence! Our announcements section is where you'll discover the freshest insights into our groundbreaking projects, collaborations, and the ever-evolving world of accessible music experiences. From studio innovations to community initiatives, immerse yourself in the dynamic tapestry of Confluence's journey. Check back regularly for the latest news that resonates with innovation and inclusivity in the realm of sound.

What We Do: Pioneering Accessibility in Music and Beyond

Dive into the heart of Confluence's endeavors, where creativity and technology converge to redefine the world of sound:

Innovative Music Accessibility Solutions

Revolutionizing the way music is experienced, we develop cutting-edge solutions using Universal Design and haptic vibration technology, ensuring that music is not just heard but felt.

Designing Wearables for Inclusive Entertainment

Crafting user-centric wearables and envisioning complete bodysuits, we strive to create a seamless integration between technology and the user experience, enhancing accessibility in the realm of entertainment.

Groundbreaking Research at the Intersection of Arts and Technology

Our team, comprised of experts in percussionist artistry, music production, and computer science, engages in groundbreaking research to push the forefront of innovation in music accessibility.

Cultural Event Accessibility Advocacy

Collaborating with Cymaspace, we advocate for and contribute to making cultural events universally accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community through technology, education, and outreach.

Empowering Inclusivity Through Universal Design

We champion Universal Design principles to break down barriers, ensuring that our projects are inclusive for individuals with diverse abilities, from the Deaf to the Hard of Hearing and beyond.

Interactive Installations and Immersive Experiences

From visually compelling interactive systems to immersive experiences, we explore the intersection of body movement, expression, and technology, creating a sensory-rich environment for all.

Get in Touch: Let's Create, Collaborate, and Converge

Ready to embark on a sonic journey or collaborate on innovative projects? Reach out to Confluence and be a part of the creative confluence!