Nate Hergert, our Deaf Music Producer, is not only a maestro in the realm of music but also a dedicated educator and advocate for access and inclusion. Meanwhile, Shawn Trail, PhD, brings a unique blend of percussionist artistry, music production expertise, and computer science acumen to the mix.

Shawn Trail, PhD

Percussionist, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Computer Scientist.

Research Music Website

Nate Hergert

Deaf DJ, Music Producer, Educator, Access & Inclusion Activist


Igaki Prelude, by DJ Deafwish

Together, Nate and Shawn's collaboration is a celebration of diversity, talent, and a shared vision for a recording studio that transcends traditional boundaries. The Confluence journey, guided by their leadership, is a testament to the power of passion, inclusivity, and the belief that great music knows no limitations.