Universal Music Design

Our vision

UMD envisions a world where music is not confined to the realm of sound but becomes an immersive, tangible encounter for everyone. Our goal is to break down barriers, making dance and music universally accessible.

Introducing Gestolumina (GeLu): Redefining Music Accessibility

Gestolumina (GeLu) stands at the forefront of innovation, revolutionizing the way we interact with music. At its core, GeLu is not just a project – it's a transformative journey towards inclusivity and empowerment.

Our ongoing project involves the development of custom musical instruments in the form of two distinct styles of bracelets: one powered by Pixelblaze and the other by ESP32. These bracelets are designed to transcend traditional boundaries, allowing wearers to control haptics and LED systems through sensors that detect their gestures and movements.

But GeLu is more than just technology; it's about reimagining what it means to create music. With GeLu, your movements become audible, and you have the power to transform yourself into music itself. By bridging the gap between gesture and sound, GeLu opens doors to a world where anyone, regardless of their hearing ability, can actively participate in the creation and enjoyment of music.

This innovative approach significantly enhances accessibility to music for deaf individuals, empowering them to express themselves through the universal language of music. GeLu isn't just about building instruments; it's about building bridges – bridges that connect people, transcend barriers, and enrich lives through the power of music. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine what it means to experience music.

Creative Empowerment in Action: Nate's Sonic Mastery

Witness Nate Hergert in his element, skillfully crafting audio for a video edit. Using the SubPac technology, he dials in low-frequency vibrations, enabling the Deaf community to independently master their audio mixes and feel the pulse of bass and rhythm. It's not just mixing; it's a symphony of empowerment for all.

Revolutionizing the Dance Floor

Through the ingenious use of Universal Design, we're transforming traditional dance floors into dynamic spaces where vibrations amplify the music experience. Imagine feeling the rhythm and beats resonate through your body, creating a connection that transcends traditional auditory boundaries.

Wearable Innovation

UMD extends its reach beyond the dance floor, introducing specially designed wearables that pave the way towards a groundbreaking bodysuit experience. These innovative garments leverage haptic vibration technology, intricately translating music into tangible physical sensations. It's a paradigm shift – moving beyond merely listening to music and into a realm where every movement becomes an intimate connection with the rhythm.

The Evolution Towards a Complete Bodysuit

Our vision doesn't stop at wearables. UMD is committed to pushing the boundaries further, aiming to craft a complete bodysuit that encapsulates the entire body in a symphony of vibrations. Imagine a future where the immersive experience of feeling the music extends seamlessly from head to toe. It's not just a product; it's a transformative journey towards making music an all-encompassing sensory adventure.

Leadership and Expertise

Nate Hergert, UMD's Program Director, leads our charge, bringing a wealth of experience as a Deaf DJ and Music Producer. Under his guidance, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the intersection of technology, music, and inclusivity.

Research & Development

Under the expert guidance of Shawn Trail, PhD, our Research & Production Coordinator, and Dillon Simeone, our Lead Design Engineer, UMD's initiatives are built upon a robust foundation blending percussionist artistry, music production expertise, and cutting-edge computer science. This dynamic collaboration ensures that our commitment to continuous research places our projects firmly at the forefront of innovation.

Community Impact

Supported by the generous funding from the Oregon Community Foundation, UMD is making waves in the world of accessible entertainment. Collaborating with figures like Myles de Bastion, Cymaspace Founder/President, and esteemed research partners, we're not just creating technology; we're shaping experiences that resonate with the community.

Join the Movement

Universal Music Design invites you to be part of a revolutionary journey. Explore how we're redefining the relationship between music and sensation, breaking down barriers, and making music a universal language for all. Step into a world where the rhythm is not just heard but felt.